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Digital News Paper blogger template

Digital News Paper blogger template

Disital news paper blogger template is a news blogger template. Download THIS BLOGGER Template free.
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How to customize labels and Categories on homepage?

find the code like below and change red colored labels and Titles name as your needs:
      label1 = "Top Story";
      Title1 = "News of The Day";
      label2 = "news";
      Title2 = "Main News";
      label3 = "Breaking";
      Title3 = "BREAKING NEWS";
      label4 = "FEATURE";
      Title4 = "FEATURE";
      label5 = "TECHNOLOGY";
      Title5 = "TECHNOLOGY";
      label6 = "Entertainment";
      Title6 = "ENTERTAINMENT";
      label7 = "SPORTS";
      Title7 = "SPORTS";
      label8 = "Travel";
      Title8 = "TRAVEL";
      label9 = "Worldnews";
      Title9 = "WORLD NEWS";
      label10 = "Fashion";
      Title10 = "Fashion";
      label11 = "FINANCE";
      Title11 = "FINANCE";
      label12 = "Health";
      Title12 = "HEALTH";
      label13 = "Blog";
      Title13 = "Blog";
      label14 = "Blog";
      Title14 = "Movies";
      label15 = "Blog";
      Title15 = "Glamour";
      label16 = "Blog";
      Title16 = "Life";

For widget you can add your ads and banner code both from layout section and inner HTML editor.
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